"Hey guys, just writing to tell you that I have never had as much fun working out before

and you can tell that. I love to do Zumba because of how much effort you put into it and

I will continue going every week, I am also looking to go to other classes.

Thank you x..."


"Hey guys great class last night, Zumba is so much fun especially the

effort you guys put in , I havenít laughed so much whilst

working out, looking to go to another one of your classes."



"One week away from Zumba and I already feel flabby....

have tried other classes but nothing beats you guys!

First time and Iím HOOKED."



"Love the Zumba Boys. They make me happy!

Sharing the love, with fabulous energy and genuine

ego & barrier-free availability, that's the good stuff!"



"Just had to comment...Zumba with the Zumba boys has to be one of the most enjoyable things I have taken part in. I came tonight to support someone else and was dreading every minute of it...Thank you so much for removing my exercise phobia."




"I'm hooked to your class I've invited more girls from work they had a fantastic time.

It's the first time I've done anything for myself since my daughter has now flown the

nest it's the best form of exercise it's better than a night out and you donít need

alcohol just a bottle of cold water."





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